Blockchain, an undeniably ingenious invention having capability to power the next generation of internet. How? Well, for the past few decades, we’ve had the internet of information where the prime concern was to copy data and sharing of democratised information which later expanded to be sharing values and dealing with assets and money. This introduced third party performing all the business logics to validate the payment and all sorts of transactions which makes us entirely dependent on big intermediaries in order to establish trust in our economy. But, simultaneously it led to the rise of constrained problems with the conventional…

Setting up with WebLogic Server on MacOs & spring-boot integration for posting messages to JMS queue/topic - reading messages from JMS queue/topic.

Make sure you have java8 installed and java home path well set i.e


Steps to install WebLogic Server
1. Download using the recommended version link provided — Click Here
2. Unzip it, go inside and execute following commands. I have this copied to /oracle:

$ java -jar fmw_12.

* Wait for some time until copying done to 100% complete.
* Now check if you got this folder wls12213
* Go to /wls12213/oracle_common/common/bin/ and execute



The struggle is real. It has always been hard for beginners to find useful and completely informative resources on Blockchain. Even when I started reading and learning about Blockchain, the struggle was to search and hit quick informative links to learn and get hands-on with Blockchain platforms. Now that Blockchain technology is really gaining traction in the market, It is quite common situation that someone asks ‘I’m starting with blockchain, can you suggest me some resources?’ …

This is a learning by doing approach for the beginners who has a basic understanding of Ethereum Blockchain and it’s working fundamentals.

Following are the step by step procedures for Ethereum based Blockchain implementation of ‘Hello World’ dApp(Decentralized Application) with Solidity, Truffle and Web3 tech stack.

You need to have certain tools and packages installed on your local machine:-

  1. Install go-ethereum on your machine or Geth. You can refer for instructions.
  2. Install NodeJS on your local machine. You can refer this for further instructions.
  3. Install Truffle on your local machine by running $ npm install -g truffle


Anand Kumar Sinha

Software Engineer - Blockchain

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